Džoltovolk City Map Released

Džoltovolk City Map Released

Džoltovolk city map as proposed by Emmanuel Tsompanoglou earlier this year.


Constitution approved, Cabinet dismissed, Labour Party established

constitution-284x209On September 7, 2013 the National Congress has unanimously approved the newly writtenConstitution of Akharnes. The Constitution features thirty-five articles defining the basic rights and duties of the people and its government.

On the same day, a meeting took place between President Jacobs and Vice President Çakar, where it was decided to dissolve the current Cabinet, with a new one being appointed soon.

On September 10, President Edward Jacobs and Federal President Joseph Kennedy, who is also the First Secretary of the Labour Party of Ashukovo, came to an agreement on opening an Akharnian branch of the Labour Party, with Alexander Whitmarsh leading it.
Whitmarsh will be the first ever left-wing representative to hold a seat in the National Congress.

The Akharnians are currently preparing for two quite important elections: the Ashukov Parliamentary and the Džoltovolk mayoral, both of which shall take place on September 16.

President Jacobs adresses Congress, congratulates PAHJ recipients

On June 26, 2013 President Edward Jacobs adressed the Congress after almost a 2 months break.

To begin, he congratulated Vice President Hasan Çakar and the newly-appointed Secretary of Defense Emmanuel Tsompanoglou on being awarded the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice (PAHJ), making them the first Akharnians to receive it.

Mr. Tsompanoglou and Vice President Çakar, as well as a few other Akharnians have been working on a promising long-term project that is yet to be revealed to the public, with the former also proposing to re-establish the Akharnian Intelligence Service.

Later, however, President Jacobs expressed his discontent about the current activity slump, stating that the “[Akharnian] government is twice less active now than it was before Ashukovo”. Nevertheless he declared that he is satisfied with the current government and hopes that Akharnes can “bounce back” very soon.

Jacobs also announced that no Congress meeting will be held any time soon, due to some members being away for holidays.

Awards, legislation and other matters discussed by the President

April 19, 2013

Following last week’s bestowal of the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice (PAHJ) to three foreign statesmen, the National Congress has yesterday voted on awarding another trio. President Jacobs’ motion passed with an overall 60% support rate, resulting in several micro-politicians receiving the award.

  • Leon Simpson. The former foreign minster of Amager, despite being on the opposite of most Akharnians’ political spectrum, has always been very helpful and respective towards the F.R.A. and its government members.
  • Joseph Kennedy. The Montanian representative is highly respected and regarded as a friend of nation in Akharnes.
  • Vladimir II. The current Prince of Saint Edward and Zealand has always been highly supportive to Akharnes, especially during the Amagerian Era.

Edward Jacobs explained why this award was mainly bestowed to his former Amagerian colleagues: “Seeing how different the Amagerian and Akharnian cultures were, it was quite difficult for us to integrate. However, with help from these people, we did  it. This is why I wanted thank them by bestowing them this award.”

The President, then, commented on Akharnes’ admission into the Grand Unified Micronational: “I am very glad we got voted into the GUM as a full member. Our nation will greatly benefit from it.” Jacobs also hinted that he was working on several micronational projects including a highly anticipated Akharnian constitution.

Three Politicians Receive the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice

The Ribbon of the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice.

April 10, 2013

Last night has seen several micro-politicians getting the first ever Akharnian State Award, the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice.

The Presidential Award of Honor and Justice was created earlier this month by President Edward Jacobs in order to recompense those who contributed to the nation in the past two years of Akharnes’ statehood. The official description to the award says that it recognizes those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the interests of the Akharnian nation”. After a session at the National Council of Akharnes, a motion was passed awarding the following individuals:

  • Jules Grant. The former First Minister of the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager ‘brought’ Akharnes into the Confederation and played a key role in the establishment of a full democratic system in Akharnes.
  • Sebastian Schriber. The former leader of Cärrum showed a lot of support to the Akharnians during both nations’ time in Amager.
  • Robert Garside. The President of Dradelia has helped in re-designing several national symbols of Akharnes, such as the the Coat of Arms and the Seal.

President Jacobs congratulated the recipients and announced that another three notable statesmen will receive the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice next week.

Akharnes undergoes substantial changes

The new flag of the newly formed Federal Republic of Akharnes

March 26, 2013

Governor Edward Jacobs released an official statement regarding several changes taking place in Akharnes.

A new constitution is to be written, which shall reconstruct Akharnes from its current form of monarchy to a federal republic, as well as assign new national symbols. These changes were accepted by over 60% of the population, thus making Gov. Jacobs form a committee on the matter.

This will be Jacobs’s second attempt at writing a constitution for Akharnes, the first one being in 2011 when, alongside with Marko Damjanovic, a draft was presented, but not accepted by the people