April 19, 2013

Following last week’s bestowal of the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice (PAHJ) to three foreign statesmen, the National Congress has yesterday voted on awarding another trio. President Jacobs’ motion passed with an overall 60% support rate, resulting in several micro-politicians receiving the award.

  • Leon Simpson. The former foreign minster of Amager, despite being on the opposite of most Akharnians’ political spectrum, has always been very helpful and respective towards the F.R.A. and its government members.
  • Joseph Kennedy. The Montanian representative is highly respected and regarded as a friend of nation in Akharnes.
  • Vladimir II. The current Prince of Saint Edward and Zealand has always been highly supportive to Akharnes, especially during the Amagerian Era.

Edward Jacobs explained why this award was mainly bestowed to his former Amagerian colleagues: “Seeing how different the Amagerian and Akharnian cultures were, it was quite difficult for us to integrate. However, with help from these people, we did  it. This is why I wanted thank them by bestowing them this award.”

The President, then, commented on Akharnes’ admission into the Grand Unified Micronational: “I am very glad we got voted into the GUM as a full member. Our nation will greatly benefit from it.” Jacobs also hinted that he was working on several micronational projects including a highly anticipated Akharnian constitution.