On June 26, 2013 President Edward Jacobs adressed the Congress after almost a 2 months break.

To begin, he congratulated Vice President Hasan Çakar and the newly-appointed Secretary of Defense Emmanuel Tsompanoglou on being awarded the Presidential Award of Honor and Justice (PAHJ), making them the first Akharnians to receive it.

Mr. Tsompanoglou and Vice President Çakar, as well as a few other Akharnians have been working on a promising long-term project that is yet to be revealed to the public, with the former also proposing to re-establish the Akharnian Intelligence Service.

Later, however, President Jacobs expressed his discontent about the current activity slump, stating that the “[Akharnian] government is twice less active now than it was before Ashukovo”. Nevertheless he declared that he is satisfied with the current government and hopes that Akharnes can “bounce back” very soon.

Jacobs also announced that no Congress meeting will be held any time soon, due to some members being away for holidays.