constitution-284x209On September 7, 2013 the National Congress has unanimously approved the newly writtenConstitution of Akharnes. The Constitution features thirty-five articles defining the basic rights and duties of the people and its government.

On the same day, a meeting took place between President Jacobs and Vice President Çakar, where it was decided to dissolve the current Cabinet, with a new one being appointed soon.

On September 10, President Edward Jacobs and Federal President Joseph Kennedy, who is also the First Secretary of the Labour Party of Ashukovo, came to an agreement on opening an Akharnian branch of the Labour Party, with Alexander Whitmarsh leading it.
Whitmarsh will be the first ever left-wing representative to hold a seat in the National Congress.

The Akharnians are currently preparing for two quite important elections: the Ashukov Parliamentary and the Džoltovolk mayoral, both of which shall take place on September 16.